Patient/Personnel Summary Time Analysis Tracking System

A comprehensive computerized RFID solution designed to collect and process live data of drills for medical or disaster training session.



PStats provides a visual layout of drills, customized to a specific venue and layout. The software monitors the flow of people or patients as they travel between stations. The system provides check points for any configuration — regardless of size.


A live touch-screen "command center" oversees the status of the drill and allows for "on the fly" modifications to optimize the efficiency of procedures. This command center can also be viewed off-site by computers anywhere in the continental US.


PStats isn’t done working when the drill is over. Each exercise can be saved and replayed again later to evaluate results or alter what was done. The drill can be run with modifications and trial simulations run for future planning.

PStats allows agencies to collect, modify, organize, simulate and evaluate drill data like never before. The system is modular and customized to your needs for a "just right" package, regardless of your configuration.



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