February 7, 2008



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Set Your Time … Permanently

Timing-industry leader brings permanent timing system to the U.S.


February 7, 2008—ChampionChip®, the world leader in timing technology, announced that TimePoint, its ground-breaking permanent timing system is now available in the U.S. for installation.

Based on the ChampionChip technology, TimePoint offers a unique way to attract users to health clubs, hotels, parks or other sports areas. With TimePoint, athletes can see their lap times up in lights along the track, just like the pros. Currently installed in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, TimePoint is now available for U.S. installations.

The TimePoint system comprises three parts: ground antennas, the housing and a display that shows an athlete his or her time as soon as he or she passes the system. The way it works is simple: the moment an athlete passes the antennas, the chip sends a code and recorded time to the TimePoint reader. The code and time are immediately displayed. The display is optional but certainly a benefit of the system as athletes receive instant gratification.

Additionally, the time is sent to the mychampionchip.comWeb site where athletes can track their laps and training progress and compare their data with other athletes around the world. It's a virtual scoreboard and training tool combined into one. From this site, owners and managers of the TimePoint systems can also monitor the use of the system and check the status of the equipment.

Upkeep of the system is minimal. All that is required is the initial installation of the system, defining your track standards and selling the chips, which can be personalized with your logo. TimePoint comes with a maintenance program to guarantee its smooth daily operation.

TimePoint offers sports facilities a great, new opportunity to attract more participants to sport, which has become a national focus in light of the rise of obesity. With TimePoint, athletes can enjoy a range of activities, such as running, walking, cycling, skating, Nordic skiing and other active sports along with seeing the results of their efforts immediately.

To learn more about TimePoint, visit www.timepoint.com. To see how you can track your training firsthand, visit www.mychampionchip.com.

About ChampionChip

ChampionChip has revolutionized timing for active sports events. In 1994, the company introduced a portable automatic timing system, which could not only time the finish but also record split and start times. This made net times for every individual athlete possible.

Today, ChampionChip is the world's leading timing technology. It is repeatedly proving its superior performance in all the foremost city marathons, Ironman triathlons, and thousands of other events around the world. For more information, see: www.championchipusa.com.

What is a ChampionChip?

ChampionChip is a miniature transponder in a specially designed plastic housing. This device contains a chip in combination with an energizing coil. These elements are encased in a waterproof glass capsule, meaning the ChampionChip can be used under all conditions.

There are no batteries in the ChampionChip. The transponder is passive until moved into a magnetic field of the well-known red mats or the TimePoint. The transponder gets powered and then transmits its unique identification number to a timing computer.

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