CreateASoft, Inc. Naperville, Illinois - February 25, 2010


NEW Product Launch: SimTrack™ Dynamic Visibility & Analysis Tool CreateASoft, Inc.

Naperville, Illinois - Monday February 25, 2010 Inspired

by the success of Simcad Pro's™ dynamic patented technology, CreateASoft, Inc. has released the much anticipated SimTrack™: Dynamic Visibility & Analysis tool.

Utilizing a patented dynamic engine, SimTrack™ dynamically connects to external systems (SQL, ERP, Barcode, RFID, etc...) providing live visibility, forecasting, and replay functionalityof any process based operation.

Whether users wish to monitor patient wait times in a healthcare facility, understand the order entry process by tracking document flow, or use SimTrack™ as a yard management tool for logistics and supply chain operations, CreateASoft Inc.'s latest release is the 2010 must have innovative solution for real-time tracking and analysis.

"SimTrack™ provides an entirely new environment for our clients to monitor, analyze, and improve operations in real-time. Having this live, real-time visibility along with the predictive analysis SimTrack delivers instantly separates our clients from their competition," says Justin Sandquist, Sales Manager.

With SimTrack™, a virtual replica of the business dynamically connects to external systems for dynamic data connectivity. Based on the real-time data, SimTrack's predictive analysis generates a simulated view of the future of the operation identifying potential delays and bottlenecks. If a condition causing a bottleneck or delay is encountered, a notification message can be sent to alert the user of the potential problem, helping to mitigate the risk of potential loss. SimTrack's™ dynamic environment provides a way to proactively improve the overall efficiency of the operation while constantly monitoring the flow to generate the optimum schedule to decreases lead time and increases efficiencies.

CreateASoft, Inc. will be unveiling SimTrack's™ dynamic functionality with a "LIVE Tracking Demo" @ booth #1840 during the I-X Center's 2010 NA Show in Cleveland, OH April 26-29th.

For more information regarding SimTrack™, Simcad™ or any other products and services provided by CreateASoft, Inc., please contact or visit our website at

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